Chris Kowalski was never more passionate than when designing a new website, and the navigation bar was the ultimate expression of his ambitions – all the possibilities of where to go and what to do with the material.  If the explorers of old had made websites of their voyages prior to departure, the navigation might have included links for El Dorado, that fountain of youth, and the edge of the world.  But most voyages never reach their destinations.  Time is too short, too many side trips happen along the way.  In the end, the side trips are the voyage.  Chris left a lot unfinished when struck down by illness.

He believed that photographic images achieve their greatest potential not when standing alone but when integrated into a story.  It could be a true story or a myth, or some mix of the two.  He had so many stories to tell, it was impossible even to get started.  Then time ran out.